Moviheart: “L’assassino scrive 800A”

Moviheart: “RINASCERE”, published by Rizzoli
3 August 2020
“Massimiliano La Pegna co-produced “IO LO SO CHI SIETE”
3 August 2020

Moviheart has acquired the rights on the first book by Francesco Bozzi “L’assassino scrive 800A” (The Killer Writes 800A) to create a five episode television series dedicated to the life, times and cases of Commissario Mineo, a Sicilian of merciless wit, who surely prefers the polemics of his daily sports rag La Gazzetta dello Sport to the rigors and horrors of his profession.
The Commissario abhors a whole shopping list of things: shaking hands, his assistant Milito, his wife who obliges him to do the shopping and – in short – anything liable to pull him away from his daily readings.
But appearances are deceiving, for in reality, our Commissario is dynamo of dazzling intuitions, sudden mental associations that lead him to the solution of all the cases coming his way from the small Sicilian municipalities of Cinisi and Terrasini.
An irresistible mix of fun and suspense.