5 August 2020

“HINC SUNT LEONES” Broadcast on August 9

Moviheart has produced 5 documentaries titled “HINC SUNT LEONES”, written and directed by the theater couple Ricci/Forte, acclaimed performers in alternative and avant-garde theater shows all […]
3 August 2020

Industrial film to celebrate the 100th Monini Company

Moviheart is realizing an industrial film to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous Monini company, one of the most important names in the Italian food […]
3 August 2020

“Massimiliano La Pegna co-produced “IO LO SO CHI SIETE”

In 2020 Massimiliano La Pegna co-produced “IO LO SO CHI SIETE” (I Know Who You Are), a documentary directed by Alessandro Colizzi and written by Silvia […]
3 August 2020

Moviheart: “L’assassino scrive 800A”

Moviheart has acquired the rights on the first book by Francesco Bozzi “L’assassino scrive 800A” (The Killer Writes 800A) to create a five episode television series […]
3 August 2020

Moviheart: “RINASCERE”, published by Rizzoli

Moviheart makes the TV-film “Rinascere” directed byUmberto Marino withAlessio Boni and Giancarlo Commare A Rai Fiction – Moviheart co-production Taken from the book of the same […]